Bridgnorth is a medieval market town in Shropshire, straddling the River Severn – Britain’s longest river. Bridgnorth is a town of two levels, known as High Town and Low Town, both with local shops and services. Historically High Town was the part protected by the town walls, encompassing the Castle and the main centre of activity. Low Town was the industrial heart beat of the town, a river port and river crossing, all protected by Bridgnorth Castle.

Bridgnorth Housing Trust is an Almshouse Charity, a member of The Almshouse Association and regulated by the charity commission.

Spinners Court

Our newest development is Spinners Court , it is situated adjacent to our existing sites at St Stephens Place and Severn Street Bridgnorth. The site includes 7, 2 bed dormer bungalows; 13, 2 bedroom cottage style houses and a purpose built office and meeting room. All homes are modern and energy efficient with photo voltaic cells. The properties are arranged in a courtyard arrangement with residents parking on site. It was completed in November 2017 with the first residents moving in later that month.

Alms Support Services

In general, Alms is the giving of food, money, other donations or goods to the poor and needy.

Almshouses trace their history back to monastic times where the terms bedehouse, hospital, maison dieu, almshouse and others described the provision of accommodation for those in need. The first ever recorded Almshouse was established by King Athelstan in York in the 10th Century.

Here at Bridgnorth Housing Trust we provide Alms Support Services to the needy residents of Bridgnorth in 2 ways:

  1. By providing almshouses
  2. By providing relief for those in need

Where to Find Us

Please note that the office of Bridgnorth Housing Trust is now located at the following address:

The Office
Spinners Court
St Stephens Place
WV15 6AE