The Trust

Bridgnorth Housing Trust is the operating name of the Bridgnorth General Municipal Charity. It is a charitable housing association, which can trace its roots back to 1503. It has been supplying Almshouses to the residents of Bridgnorth ever since.

Bridgnorth General Municipal Charity was itself formed from the amalgamation of 6 general municipal charities in 1979:

  1. The Almshouse Charity
  2. The Charity of John Guest
  3. The Charity of William Pulley
  4. The Spinners Charity
  5. The Charity of Walter Wrottersley
  6. Reverend Francis Palmer’s Hospital Charity

Bridgnorth Housing Trust is governed by the most recent version of its Trust Deed, dated 26th June 1979, adopted at the amalgamation of the above charities. It is administered by the Clerk to the Trustees and a board of Trustees. Our Trustees have a duty of care to ensure the good running of the charity and the management of its assets.

Our offices are at Spinners Court, St Stephens Place.

The principal activities of Bridgnorth Housing Trust are:

  • The provision of almshouses and housing, for letting to people in need within Bridgnorth.
  • The application of income for relief in need.